Ashrams of Bhakti Devotion

Bhakti Dham, Mangarh
The village Mangarh is located in the Pratapgarh District of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. Mangarh has become a place of pilgrimage since the blossoming of Kripaluji Maharaj.

First known as Sadhana Bhawan Trust, Bhakti Dham (Mangarh), was founded in 1966 by Shree Maharajji himself. The first satsang hall was constructed in 1970. The satsang hall became very popular, and over the years began to draw ever-larger numbers of faithful. In 1996 another generously sized satsang hall was built.

Bhakti Dham also includes several Sadhak Nivas, large residential houses with a total of over two hundred rooms to accommodate worshipers. In addition, Bhakti Dham has a large dining hall and a great kitchen, a goshala for the cows, and a beautiful garden called Krishn Kunj. The dwelling house of Shree Maharajji stands among these buildings like a beacon.

Bhakti Dham where Shree Maharajji appeared, lived, and now freely showers the bliss of Radha Krishn leelas to everyone who journeys to Mangarh with an open heart.