Rangeeli Mahal Pratishthan

Rangeeli Mahal Pratishthan was founded by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati in 1996, with the blessing and good graces of Kripaluji Maharaj. In 2000, the majestic Satsang Bhavan of Rangeeli Mahal, called Vishwa Kalyan Kendra, was built.

Plans to build a charitable hospital for the villagers are also in the works.

Rangeeli Mahal is where Shree Maharajji resides. The building is mainly residential and features 20 guest rooms.

Vishwa Kalyan Kendra features four dormitories of 66' by 66' with 48 rooms, 2 large basements and one of the largest satsang halls of India at 20,000 square feet. The building is surrounded on all four sides with a 12-foot wide verandah.

A spacious separate hall has been especially built for holding the scripture library for research scholars.

The building features four indoor pools, which display beautiful and colorful fountains.

During Guru Poornima, in July of 2000 the Rangeeli Mahal hosted its largest function to date. Some 6,000 people participated and about 1,000 people stayed as guests for about two months.

During this time, Shree Maharajji generously showered the nectar of Braj ras, the swinging leelas of Radha Rani, and revealed a new series of soul-catching chants of Radha Krishn leelas.

The Greatness of Barsana
The district known as the Braj or Mathura is where Radha Krishna descended in absolute Divine beauty nearly 5,000 years ago.

It was in Braj that all the important gods and goddesses of the celestial abodes took birth as human beings in order to serve the supreme Divinity, Radha Krishn, and to receive the blessings of loving Bliss.

Assuming the form of a maiden of Braj, the God Shiv took up residence in Braj. She joined the group of the Gopis, and the Mahalakchmi, the supreme Creators of the universe, and turned Her abilities to the task of beautifying the grounds of the Braj where Radha Krishn walked, played, and rejoiced.

Understanding and accepting these references one can better apprehend the spiritual greatness of Vrindaban and Barsana.