Jagadguru Dham, Vrindaban

Founded by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, and built in 1992, Jagadguru Dham sits on six acres of land on the main road of Vrindaban. Surrounded by a garden of perfumed flowers and beautiful lawns, Jagadguru Dham stands out as the best devotional place in Vrindaban, and features a satsang hall, devotion hall, dormitory and more than thirty guest rooms.

Entering the gate, one is struck immediately by the holiness of the place. Entering the lobby, visitors are presented with the Divinity of Kripaluji Maharaj.

In the devotion hall on the upper floor of the building, visitors can have darshan among Radha Krishna Deities, and sit and meditate with the close presence of Shree Radha Rani and Krishna.

The Greatness of Vrindaban
The district where Radha Krishna descended in absolute Divine beauty nearly 5,000 years ago is known as the Braj or Mathura district.

It was in Vrindaban that Radha Krishna revealed to the Gopis called maharas the most overwhelming and intimate Bliss of Divine love. For the devotees of Radha Krishna, Vrindaban and Barsana are the most pre-eminent leela places in Braj.

It was in Braj that all the important gods and goddesses of the celestial abodes took birth as human beings in order to serve the supreme Divinity, Radha Krishn, and to receive the blessings of loving Bliss.

Assuming the form of a maiden of Braj, the God Shiv took up residence in Braj. She joined the group of the Gopis, and the Mahalakchmi, the supreme Creators of the universe. She used Her abilities to beautify the grounds of the Braj where Radha Krishn walked, played, and rejoiced.

Understanding and accepting these references one can apprehend the spiritual greatness of Vrindaban and Barsana.